About BountyHunterEDU.org

BountyHunterEdu.org is dedicated to serving the bail bonds industry by providing critical information on licensing, firearms certification and license maintenance requirements for fugitive recovery agents and bail bondsmen. BountyHunterEdu.org was created to serve as the premier online resource for active bail bondsmen and the bail bonds recovery agents they employ, as well as up and coming bail bonds industry professionals interested in becoming licensed and establishing independent businesses of their own.

Through state-specific research and first-hand contact with state licensing and regulatory agencies, the editorial staff at BountyHunterEdu.org has compiled the most relevant and current information available anywhere on the web, presenting it in easy to follow guides. These state-specific guides provide step-by-step instructions detailing everything from pre-licensure training and exams, to legal protocols and insurance requirements for both bounty hunters and bail bondsmen.

This one-of-a-kind, free resource is available to anybody interested in learning about the laws governing the bail bonds industry and the licensing process in all states and jurisdictions. The staff here at BountyHunterEdu.org encourages visitors to use the resource as a way to strengthen their knowledge of the industry and prepare for a successful career.