Training for Bounty Hunter Jobs in Alabama

In order to succeed at this competitive and challenging occupation, you will need to complete the following steps:

Meet Alabama Eligibility Requirements
Prepare yourself Physically and Academically in Alabama
Complete Education and Training in Alabama
Find Work in Alabama

Serving as a bounty hunter in Alabama can be a rewarding experience.  Although the state of Alabama does not stipulate requirements or a licensing process to become a bounty hunter, you may need to obtain a license to pursue your fugitive across state lines. This is a demanding profession that requires knowledge of many aspects of law enforcement and society. In fact, it would be best for you to have a bail bondsman’s license in Alabama, which is administered by the state’s insurance regulation agency.

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Step 1. Meet Alabama Eligibility Requirements

In order to obtain your Alabama insurance producer’s license, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be 18 years of age
  • Be an Alabama resident
  • Be free of felony convictions, or convictions which involve crimes of moral turpitude
  • Be free of outstanding forfeitures which arose out of a surety undertaking
  • Have not violated Alabama’s Rules of Criminal Procedures within in the two years preceding the application.



Step 2. Prepare Yourself Physically and Academically in Alabama

While Alabama does not regulate bounty hunters operating within the state, most bounty hunters in the state must be physically and mentally capable of performing a variety of duties related to this profession.  In most cases, bounty hunters must possess enough strength, endurance and flexibility to apprehend and restrain a fleeing fugitive.  If your fugitive attempts to resist arrest, then you may be called upon to use a firearm, Taser or chemical spray to subdue him or her; if so you will need to possess the dexterity and skill to utilize these tools effectively.  In order to acquire these skills you may need to enroll in a rigorous physical training program like those found in the military or police academies.

Just as important as your physical condition is your ability to quickly gain an understanding of the law enforcement framework you are operating in. While many of your fugitives are likely to remain in the state, others are likely to flee across state lines.  You must be able to quickly recognize what state laws may affect your ability to capture, arrest and transport a fugitive.  You must also possess the investigative skills necessary to collect clues and determine the most likely actions of fugitives.  These skills are best developed through a college education.



Step 3: Complete Education and Training in Alabama

The most obvious educational system for bounty hunters is enrolling in a two or four year college program.  Majors like law, government, criminal justice and police studies are likely to prepare you for the intellectual challenges that come with being a bounty hunter.  Many of these schools that offer a bachelor’s or associate’s degree also provide ROTC training opportunities which can help develop your physique.

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Many bounty hunters obtain their peak physical condition through military training or attending a police academy.  These programs can require several months or years but they provide valuable skills and physical conditioning that are likely to benefit you as a bounty hunter.

A third option is attend a training seminar or course for prospective bounty hunters.  This type of preparation is most likely to provide critical information about the requirements necessary to succeed in this profession.

After verifying that you meet the above requirements, you will also want to take the state’s 20 hour course on bail bonds, and then take and pass the state test which is required for obtaining the license.

You can find out more about the testing here, and more about the fees, here. The fees will vary depending on your individual business set-up.



Step 4: Find Work in Alabama and Keep Up with Continuing Education

Once you feel that you can perform the duties of a bounty hunter, you will need to find a bail bondsman who is willing to assign you a bounty.  Here are some of the most important bail bonds companies in Alabama:

  • #1 Bail Bonding
  • Bail Yes
  • Anytime Bail Bonds
  • The Bail Source

You must receive authorization from the bail agent that you are acting on their behalf to apprehend the fugitive.  Although Alabama does not require that bounty hunters notify law enforcement about an impending arrest, it may be wise to do so in other states.  Once you have returned the fugitive to your bondsman, you will receive the reward you and the bondsman agreed to.

Remember that if you have attained your Alabama’s Insurance Producer’s license, in order to be a licensed bail bondman, you will have to keep up with the state’s continuing education requirements (CE.) Click here for a list of requirements and options for meeting this requirement.

If you would like to join a bounty hunter organization in Alabama, you may wish to contact



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