Bounty Hunter and Bail Bondsman Salaries in Indiana

Indiana is very similar to most states in the country when it comes to rules, laws and regulations concerning both the bail bondsman and bounty hunting businesses. Bounty hunters must receive licensing in the state before pursuing fugitives on the run, and are required to obtain warrants and bail bond copies before attempting to apprehend a bail jumper.

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Indiana falls in the middle of the pack in terms of how regulated state laws are concerning bail bonds and bounty hunting. The regulatory environment remains quite favorable to those interested in entering the business. Because of Indiana’s central location in the country, it poses interesting opportunities for bounty hunters because it is somewhat of a crossroads destination for fugitives seeking to evade the law. Indiana does offer quite a bit of leeway where bounty hunting is concerned, because bounty hunters have the option of working on a freelance basis, or on a contracted basis with a bail bondsman business.

Bounty Hunter Salary in Indiana

Bounty hunters do not earn a traditional salary, in which they are paid by the hour or through a set contract. Instead, bounty hunters are paid a percentage per each fugitive that they bring to a bail bondsman. The following are the average yearly earnings for bounty hunters in the largest metropolitan areas in the state of Indiana, according to

  • Indianapolis: $77,000
  • Fort Wayne: $78,000
  • Evansville: $89,000


Bail Bondsman in Indiana

Bail bondsman can earn a traditional salary if they are employees of a bail bonds company, but also often receive a percentage of the fee associated with the bond they issue. These bonuses are not included in the following statistics, which represent the average base salaries for salaried bail bondsmen in Indiana:

  • Indianapolis: $49,000
  • Fort Wayne: $20,000
  • Evansville: $23,000
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