Bounty Hunter and Bail Bondsman Salaries in New Jersey

Candidates who are researching bounty hunter and bail bondsman jobs in New Jersey will be interested to know the salary figures for these professions. As both these fields include fees, salaries, and commissions as part of total earnings, it is necessary to calculate an average wage using available information from job advertisements, salary figures, and other important data.

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Bounty Hunter Salary in New Jersey

Bounty hunters in the Garden State earn some of the highest average wages in the country. In addition to their salary, they also receive commission and other fees based on the original bail amounts of the fugitives they nab. The following earnings report includes only the numbers for average annual salary and does not factor in significant earnings from additional fees:

  • $51,000 Statewide
  • $61,000 Newark
  • $61,000 Jersey City
  • $61,000 Paterson
  • $61,000 Elizabeth
  • $62,000 Edison
  • $61,000 Woodbridge


Bail Bondsman Salary in New Jersey

Bail bondsmen can make the majority if not all their yearly earnings from fees charged to their clients based on an original bail amount set by a judge. Bondsmen can also work for a larger agency on a salary basis and not receive any fee payments. The following annual salary figures are for these later employees in entry-level positions. The numbers include minor salaries reported by bondsmen who work primarily on a fee basis, and therefore artificially deflate these averages:

  • $25,000 Statewide
  • $30,000 Newark
  • $30,000 Jersey City
  • $31,000 Paterson
  • $30,000 Elizabeth
  • $31,000 Edison
  • $30,000 Woodbridge

To get a good understanding of the average yearly earnings of bail bondsmen in New Jersey it is also necessary to consider the following in addition to salary:

  • Bail fee payments, usually at least 10 percent of a defendant’s original bail amount
  • Service charges
  • Additional fees based on flight risk, previous criminal history, and other relevant circumstances
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