Training for Bounty Hunter Jobs in South Dakota

If you would like to learn how to become a bounty hunter in South Dakota, follow these steps:

Meet Basic South Dakota Requirements
Complete South Dakota Training
Network with Potential Employers in South Dakota
Prepare your South Dakota Application
Take the Required South Dakota Exam
Get to Work in South Dakota

Bounty hunters in South Dakota are known as runners and are licensed by the state through the Division of Insurance.  They work for bail bondsmen and find defendants who have failed to appear in court after having been released on financial bail.  Runners track down such individuals, arrest them, and return them to law enforcement officials for a fee.

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In South Dakota, runners must first be sponsored by a bail bondsperson before they can submit their application to get a license, and the state requires a written appointment from the bail bondsperson as part of the application process.  The steps to become a bounty hunter in South Dakota are listed below:



Step 1.  Meet the Requirements to Obtain a License in South Dakota

In South Dakota, you must meet the following requirements to become a bounty hunter:

  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Be a U.S. citizen
  • Have lived in South Dakota for at least a year
  • Must be active in the bail bond business
  • Cannot have pled guilty or been convicted of either of the following:
    • Felony
    • Crime involving moral turpitude

If it is more than three years since you have been sentenced for such a crime, it may be possible to get a waiver from the Director of the Division of Insurance.



Step 2.  Complete Education and Training in South Dakota

Although there are no specific training requirements to become a bounty hunter listed by the state of South Dakota, your qualifications will be considered when you submit your application.  Having a high level of training will help you obtain the skills necessary to pursue and capture fugitives and increase your odds of succeeding as a runner.

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One way you can be qualified is by apprenticing with a professional bail bondsman.  Another is to pursue formal training in criminal justice.  Runners frequently move on to become law enforcement agents, and having a formal degree on top of your experience in the field capturing fugitives will help with this process.  Frequently, students start their careers in criminal justice with an associate’s degree.  An alternative is to get a bachelor’s degree.  This should enhance your employment opportunities.



Step 3.  Contact Employers in South Dakota

Now you will need to seek an employer.  The state of South Dakota requires that you be employed by a bail bondsperson to be able to apply to become a runner.  This person will be the one submitting your application, fee, and the required documentation.  There are a number of bail bondspersons operating in South Dakota that you could contact.  Prominent bail bond companies in South Dakota include:

  • AAA Speedy Release Bail Bonds (Lederman Bonding Company)
  • A-1 Bail Bonds
  • All City Bail Bonds
  • Bail Out Now, LLC
  • Instant Bail Bonds
  • Sioux Falls Bail Bonds
  • Speedy Release Bail Bonds



Step 4.  Prepare the Documentation for Your South Dakota Application

You will need to pay a license fee of $30 to have your application submitted.  You will need to have your fingerprints taken by a law enforcement agent and provide a current photograph of your full face that has been printed out.

Your employer will have to provide a written appointment of you as a runner to accompany the application and the fee.  You will have to pay a $10 fee for each bail bondsperson who employs you.



Step 5.  Take the Required South Dakota Examination

The Director of the Division of Insurance of the South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation will be the one who analyzes your application to determine whether or not you are qualified to become a runner in the state.  Once you have been found to be a qualified candidate, you will be become eligible to take the state examination to determine your fitness to become a runner.

You should study ahead of time for the exam, and you can find a preparation guide that suggests topics that you should master ahead of time.  Some of these include:

If you do not pass with at least a 70% score, you will have to wait a year before you can take it again.



Step 6.  Start Work in South Dakota

Once you have passed your exam and become a runner in South Dakota, you may be interested in joining the National Association of Fugitive Recovery Agents or NAFRA.  Networking at the national level can help you to recover the fugitives you are seeking.



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