Bounty Hunter and Bail Bondsman Salaries in Arkansas

Despite having a total state population that ranks thirty second in the country, Arkansas does have a large number of bail bondsmen and bounty hunter organizations throughout the state. The organizations include the Arkansas Bail Bonds Organization; the Arkansas Association of Investigators, Bail Bondsman and Bounty Hunters; and the Arkansas Professional Bail Association, among many others.

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In the entire United States, the average annual salary for bail bondsman is $23,000 and the average annual salary for bounty hunters is $68,000, but the salaries vary depending on the region, according to salary aggregation web site

Bounty Hunter Salary in Arkansas

A large factor in bounty hunter salaries in the state is the location that the bounty hunter works in. For the most part, bounty hunters tend to make more money when operating out of larger metropolitan areas, rather than rural areas. Bounty hunters are not paid a traditional salary, but rather their salary is determined by the number of bounties they collect.

The following is the salary information for the largest cities in the Arkansas:

  • Little Rock: $58,000 a year
  • Fayetteville: $61,000 a year
  • Jonesboro: $72,000 a year


Bail Bondsman Salary in Arkansas

Much like bounty hunters, bail bondsmen don’t make a traditional type of salary. Rather, their earnings can fluctuate depending on how many bail bonds they can bring in.  The info shown here represents base salaries for salaried employees and don’t include bonuses.

Bail bonds company owners charge a percentage fee for all bonds issued, and often bring home six-figure earnings each year.

The following are the annual salary figures for bail bondsman in the largest cities in the state:

  • Little Rock: $20,000 a year
  • Fayetteville: $21,000 a year
  • Jonesboro:  $25,000 a year
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