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Should There Be a National Law to Regulate Bounty Hunters?

While many bounty hunters feel strongly that their profession should not be tightly regulated, at least one major professional organization disagrees. Tired of the bad press from rogue bounty hunters, the National Association of Fugitive Recovery Agents (NAFRA) favors stronger …

Bounty Hunters Take Matters into Their Own Hands

Two fugitives were recently captured by bounty hunters at an Econo Lodge Inn & Suites in Spokane, Washington. Justin Jordan, 34, of Spokane and Shanda Hansen, 32, of Idaho were taken into custody after a standoff at the hotel resulted …

Fort Collins Bounty Hunter Questioned in Shooting

An investigation into the shooting of two men in Fort Collins, Colorado is focused on a local bounty hunter, Vonshay McCarthur. On June 15, Lupe and Roger Sanchez were allegedly shot by McCarthur after he contacted Lupe Sanchez in regards …

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