Georgia Bounty Hunter Charged With Impersonating an Officer

It all started because of a pile of leaves.

According to the Covington Police Department in Georgia, an officer was dispatched to handle an argument between neighbors.

Dispatch told the policeman that an 80-year old woman had called to complain about her neighbor. She said that he was cursing at her and yelling about a pile of leaves that she had placed in front of his house on the right of way.

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Upon arrival, the policeman saw Maurice Robert Turner in black clothing standing with his hand behind his back.

After two requests, Turner showed him the hand. The man had refused to do so claiming that he was an officer, too. However, the policeman saw a handgun illegally concealed in a holster under his jacket on his shoulder.

Turner showed the officer his badge on his waist that said “bail enforcement agent.” When the officer tried to secure Turner, the man kept arguing that he was an officer, but with no jurisdiction.

The policeman pointed out that he was a bounty hunter, not an officer. Turner continued arguing that he is an “officer of the court” who answered to Judge Henry Baker.

However, according to the policeman, Turner also said that he worked for Blackshear Bonding and was not employed by Newton County or the Judge.

The policeman resolved the issue of the leaves, and the woman agreed to have someone move them as soon as possible.

Long story short, the policeman arrested Turner for impersonating an officer and found four handguns in holsters on his body.

After being taken to the Newton County Detention Center, Turner was charged with impersonating an officer. The neighbor requested a “stay away order” for the bounty hunter after telling the policemen that the neighbors were afraid of him.

Perhaps it is wise to not vigorously confront neighbors and then argue with the police if you are a highly armed bounty hunter.

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