Bounty Hunters Take Matters into Their Own Hands

Two fugitives were recently captured by bounty hunters at an Econo Lodge Inn & Suites in Spokane, Washington. Justin Jordan, 34, of Spokane and Shanda Hansen, 32, of Idaho were taken into custody after a standoff at the hotel resulted in bounty hunters dispersing a tear gas canister into the room. The two fugitives had open warrants for theft charges along with lengthy criminal histories.

Shaun Beveridge, one of the bounty hunters involved in the capture, reported that the pair was found after a tip was received indicating their whereabouts. Jordon and Hansen were in a stolen SUV in the parking lot when the bounty hunters showed up and the couple attempted to run them over, Beveridge disclosed. He said the pair then ran into their motel room and barricaded the door.

The bounty hunters called for police backup at approximately 2 a.m. but officers departed shortly after arrival. Officer Teresa Fuller of the Spokane Police Department explained that they did not have jurisdiction on Hansen’s warrant, which was from Kootenai County, so they left. “We don’t assist bondsmen because they have their own rules, and a lot of times their rules are a lot more lax than ours,” Fuller said.

Beveridge expressed his disappointment over the officer response, adding that fugitive Jordan had called in bomb threats to a local hospital in an attempt to divert law enforcement officers from the scene.

The bounty hunters finally took the situation into their own hands at about 4:30 a.m. by smashing a window and dispersing the tear gas. Police were called once again after the fugitives were apprehended and the pair was taken into custody. Hansen was transferred to Kootenai County and Jordan was taken to Spokane County Jail after receiving treatment at a local hospital. A room search after the stand-off turned up stolen property, knives and guns.