Bounty Hunter and Bail bondsman Salaries in Connecticut

According to the United States Census Bureau, Connecticut ranks 37th in violent crime offenders in the entire United States. While compared to other states, it would seem reasonable to assume that the bail bond and bounty hunting industries are not very strong in the state, but that does not mean there are not opportunities in Connecticut. In reality, bail bondsman and bounty hunters are needed everywhere- whether or not that state is an area known for high crime rates and bail jumpers running from the law.

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Connecticut has somewhat more restrictive laws and regulations when concerning bounty hunters, such as renewal of a state issued license every year, constant communication with local law enforcement authorities when seeking to capture someone and having to clearly identify as a bounty hunter when attempting to apprehend a fugitive. But, these regulations do not cancel out the fact that the bail bondsman and bounty hunter professions are growing at a higher rate than average when compared to other fields.

Also, the earning potential can be very lucrative, as the average bail bondsman earns $26,000 in the state off of wages alone (bail bonds percentage payout rates can add much more money to the annual income for the profession) and bounty hunters earn an average of $56,000 in the state.

Bounty Hunter Salary in Connecticut

The following are the average annual salary of bounty hunters in the largest cities in Connecticut, as collected, aggregated and reported by

  • Bridgeport: $51,000
  • Hartford: $51,000
  • New Haven: $48,000
  • Stamford: $63,000


Bail Bondsman Salary in Connecticut

The following are the average annual earnings for bail bondsman in Connecticut:

  • Bridgeport: $25,000
  • Hartford: $25,000
  • New Haven: $24,000
  • Stamford: $31,000
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