Bounty Hunter and Bail bondsman Salaries in Delaware

Bounty hunting in the state of Delaware is heavily regulated in order to protect bounty hunters as well as the public at large. All bounty hunters and bail enforcement agents are required to report all activity to local law enforcement when tracking down fugitives. The Delaware Department of Safety and Homeland Security supervises all bounty hunter and bail bondsman operations in the state.

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According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, private detectives and investigators (both bail bondsman and bounty hunters are included in this classification) is projected to grow by 21 percent over the next decade, which is higher than the average growth rate for all career fields in the country. So, even with strict regulations in the state, there is still a demand for bail bondsman and bounty hunters in Delaware and there is the potential to create a lucrative and stable career in the state as well- if growth rates and salary are any indication.

Bounty Hunter Salary in Delaware

Nationally, bounty hunters in the United States earn an average salary of $47,000, according to, which collects and aggregates salary information from a multitude of reliable sources. Annual salaries range depending on the location of the bounty hunter, and can actually vary quite drastically because bounty hunters are not paid a traditional hourly wage, but rather earn money through a fee paid upon apprehension of fugitives on the run from the law. Bounty hunters are hired by bail bondsman in order to capture people that have jumped their bail, in order to allow the bail bondsman to recover money that would be lost otherwise.

The following is the average yearly salary for bounty hunters throughout Delaware:

  • Wilmington: $43,000
  • Dover: $48,000
  • Newark: $43,000


Bail Bondsman Salary in Delaware

The following is the average salary for bail bondsman in the largest cities in Delaware. The figures only represent their base salaries, not the extra income that they can earn from bail bond fees (which typically run at 10 percent):

  • Wilmington: $23,000
  • Dover: $24,000
  • Newark: $21,000
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