Bounty Hunter and Bail Bondsman Salaries in Kansas

Once upon a time, Kansas had some of the strictest rules and regulations in place concerning bounty hunting, but that has since changed. Over the last decade, many of the restrictive bounty hunting laws have been repealed, which has opened the door for an emerging bail bonds industry in the state. Still, Kansas is one of 15 states in the country that do not require state licensing in order to become a bounty hunter or skip tracer.

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While bounty hunters in the state do not need licensing, bail bondsmen in Kansas do. Only those licensed with the state are allowed to hire bounty hunters to track down bail jumpers. Although Kansas does have very loose bounty hunting laws, the state legislature has considered tightening them up a bit after a few incidences in which bounty hunters overstepped their authority. So, even if they do not need a state license, it is still a good idea for would-be bounty hunters in Kansas to seek out training and become educated in the state laws concerning law enforcement and bounty hunting, as this will keep prospective bounty hunters out of trouble.

Bounty Hunter Salary in Kansas

Bounty hunters do not make a salary in the traditional sense of the word. Rather than being paid an hourly wage, most- if not all- bounty hunters make their annual salary via fees collected from each bail jumper they bring to justice. Bounty hunters are paid by the bail bondsman in order to bring in people who have violated their bail bond terms.

The following are the average yearly earnings for bounty hunters in the largest cities in Kansas, according to

  • Wichita: $55,000
  • Overland Park: $55,000
  • Kansas City: $55,000


Bail Bondsman Salary in Kansas

Bail bondsmen who work as salaried employees of larger bail bonds companies often do get paid a traditional salary, but make most of their earnings from a percentage payout on the bail bonds they issue on behalf of the company.

The following are the average base salaries for bail bondsman in the state, but do not include the bail bond percentage fees that they accrue:

  • Wichita: $21,000
  • Overland Park: $21,000
  • Kansas City: $21,000
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