Bounty Hunter and Bail Bondsman Salaries in Michigan

Michigan has some of the highest crime rates in the entire United States of America, which makes it an ideal place for someone looking to enter the bail bondsman and bounty hunting career fields. Most likely, a bounty hunter or bail bondsmen will find the most opportunities in the cities of Detroit, Lansing and Flint, which have by far the highest crime rates in the state. While there is a definite demand for bounty hunters and bail bondsmen in the state, there is also a lot of competition.

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Michigan is one of only eight states in the entire country that do not require licensing in order to become a bail bondsman or bounty hunter. It is, however, a good idea to pursue training and education on one’s own, as experience and familiarity with Michigan state law will go a long way towards building a career.

Bounty Hunter Salary in Michigan

In the entire state of Michigan, a bounty hunter makes an average annual salary of $63,000, according to salary aggregation website Bounty hunters make most- if not all- of their earnings through a fee collected with each bounty they bring in, and are typically not paid an hourly wage or annual salary.

The following are the average earnings for bounty hunters in the largest cities in Michigan:

  • Detroit: $62,000
  • Grand Rapids: $81,000
  • Warren: $92,000
  • Sterling Heights: $93,000
  • Ann Arbor: $86,000
  • Lansing: $89,000


Bail Bondsman Salary in Michigan

The average bail bondsman earns $41,000 in Michigan. If a bail bondsman works for a large outfit as a salaried employee, the salary is earned through a traditional wage as well as a percentage of fees accrued from bail bonds that are issued.

The following are the average bail bondsman base salaries (bond fee bonuses not included) in the largest metropolitan areas in the state:

  • Detroit: $40,000
  • Grand Rapids: $35,000
  • Warren: $40,000
  • Sterling Heights: $40,000
  • Ann Arbor: $38,000
  • Lansing:  $39,000
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