Bounty Hunter and Bail Bondsman Salaries in Minnesota

Minnesota, like many of the Midwestern states, has very relaxed laws in regards to bounty hunting. There is no specific licensing required in order to become a bounty hunter, but it is recommended that prospective bounty hunters at least familiarize themselves with Minnesota state law and act accordingly.

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Bounty Hunter Salary in Minnesota

In Minnesota, a bounty hunter can expect to earn a yearly average salary of $83,000, according to salary information site Indeed gathers salary information from job postings all around the country and then uses that information to calculate average salaries for a variety of different career types. Bounty hunters do not make a traditional salary. Instead, they make their earnings through a collection fee per each bounty that they bring into a bail bondsman. The following are the average annual salaries for bounty hunters in the largest cities in Minnesota:

  • Minneapolis: $80,000
  • St. Paul: $80,000
  • Rochester: $103,000


Bail Bondsman Salary in Minnesota

In Minnesota, there are no specific licensing requirements to start a bail bonds business. All one has to do is register with the state as a new surety business and then go from there.

Bail bondsmen make their money through a salaried wage if they work as an employee of a bail bonds firm, as well as fees collected from bonds that they issue. Typically the bail bond fee is a 10-percent charge, but the bail bondsmen typically does not get all of the 10-percent (unless they are an independent bail bondsman and company owner.)

The following are the average yearly earnings for salaried bail bondsmen in the largest cities in the state before fee payouts are factored in:

  • Minneapolis: $35,000
  • St. Paul: $35,000
  • Rochester: $45,000
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