Bounty Hunter and Bail Bondsman Salaries in Missouri

Missouri is a very interesting state when it comes to the bounty hunting and bail bond surety businesses. While it is common for laws to vary from state to state, very few have a strict residency requirement in order to start a business in one of these two career fields. In Missouri, it is required that a person be a resident of the state before being able to perform the duties of a bounty hunter, or a surety recovery agent as the job is referred to under state regulations. Also, a person seeking a career in bail bonds or bounty hunting must meet minimum qualifications and requirements, which include education and training, among many other things.

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Bounty Hunter Salary in Missouri

The salary a bounty hunter makes varies throughout the state. This is due to many factors, including crime rates in the area and the amount of competition there is in the field, as well as the fees collected for each bounty that they bring in (which is the main source of income for bounty hunters.)

In Missouri, the average yearly earnings for a bounty hunter is $63,000, according to national salary aggregation website The following are the average earnings in the largest cities in Missouri:

  • Kansas City: $55,000
  • St. Louis: $60,000
  • Springfield: $57,000
  • Independence: $55,000


Bail Bondsman Salary in Missouri

Bail bondsmen in Missouri make an average annual salary of $35,000. This seems low because it is only their base wages, and does not include the money they earn through fees collected on bail bonds (which can significantly add to the income numbers.)

The following are the average yearly earnings in Missouri’s largest cities (base salaries do not include bonuses for fees charged on bonds issued):

  • Kansas City: $30,000
  • St. Louis: $33,000
  • Springfield: $31,000
  • Independence: $31,000
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