Bounty Hunter and Bail Bondsman Salaries in Montana

In some regions of the country, it is almost as if the Wild West was still around- and in some ways, this is very true for the state of Montana (at least in regards to the state laws concerning bail bonds and bounty hunting.) Montana has nearly no regulations regarding bounty hunting and because of that fact, it is one of the easiest states to start a bounty hunting business.

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Bounty hunters in the state of Montana have the option of working under the direct employment of a bail bonds surety business, or they can work as a freelance independent contractor, which some states do not allow. Bounty hunting is more-or-less entirely unregulated in the state as there is no licensing required and permission from local law authorities is not even needed when tracking down and apprehending a fugitive on the run from the law.

Bounty Hunter Salary in Montana

Bounty hunters in the state earn an average salary of $60,000 a year, according to Indeed gathers salary information for bounty hunter job postings all around the country and uses that information to calculate the average earnings in each city and state in the country. Bounty hunters earn most of their income from a fee that is collected per bounty, rather than being paid by the hour.

The following is salary information for the largest cities in Montana:

  • Billings: $60,000
  • Missoula: $52,000
  • Great Falls: $57,000
  • Butte: $83,000
  • Bozeman: $71,000
  • Helena: $80,000


Bail Bondsman Salary in Montana

Bail bondsmen who do not own their own bond company and work as employees earn their salary through an hourly wage as well as a portion of the fee collected from each bail bond.

The following is the average salaries in the state for bail bondsmen (base salaries do not include pay-outs on bail bonds issued):

  • Montana (entire state): $39,000
  • Billings: $39,000
  • Missoula: $34,000
  • Great Falls: $37,000
  • Butte: $36,000
  • Bozeman: $31,000
  • Helena: $35,000
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