Bounty Hunter and Bail Bondsman Salaries in New Mexico

From the wide open rose-colored deserts to the main cities, bounty hunters will be chasing down fugitives in the Land of Enchantment and bail bondsmen will be employing them. Citizens who are interested in pursuing a career for either field will be curious to know what they can expect to earn. Average earnings are available that take into account salaries earned by bounty hunters and bondsmen employed by agencies, using real-time data obtained from current job advertisements and salary tables.

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Bounty Hunter Salary in New Mexico

Bounty hunters in New Mexico, also known as solicitor assistants to bail bondsman, can expect to earn one, some, or all of the following, depending on agreed upon conditions of contract or employ:

  • Salary paid by an employer
  • Commission based on a percentage of a fugitive’s original bail amount
  • Additional fees for travel, personal risk, and other expenses

In terms of the first figure – salary – the recent average annual pay for bounty hunters comes out to the following numbers for locations across the state of New Mexico:

  • Statewide: $42,000
  • Albuquerque: $36,000
  • Las Cruces: $52,000
  • Santa Fe: $48,000
  • Rio Rancho: $36,000
  • Roswell: $40,000


Bail Bondsman Salary in New Mexico

These bail bondsman salaries in New Mexico also do not include earnings derived from commission or fees, and represent the average yearly salary for entry-level bail bondsmen across the state and in its major cities:

  • Statewide: $21,000
  • Albuquerque: $18,000
  • Las Cruces: $26,000
  • Santa Fe: $24,000
  • Rio Ranch: $18,000
  • Roswell: $20,000


Earnings Tips

Whether choosing self-employment or to work for an agency, bounty hunters and bail bondsmen can use common-sense business practices to ensure they are maximizing earnings, such as:

  • Good customer service and professionalism
  • Working from a solid foundation of education, experience, and training
  • Strategic planning and development
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