Bounty Hunter and Bail Bondsman Salaries in Ohio

Bail bondsman can choose to solely engage in bondsman activities providing resources to defendants who want to get out of jail, and they may additionally decide to act as bounty hunters in Ohio. They also have the option to hire bounty hunters or private investigators to re-arrest absconded clients. The bounty hunter and bail bondsman salary statistics contained herein are based on algorithms that take into account real-time information including job advertisements, announcements, and other relevant data.

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Bounty Hunter Salaries in Ohio

A bounty hunter salary in the Buckeye State has a lot to do with location. More affluent cities such as Dayton offer a higher-paying market while places like Akron will pay bounty hunters 20 percent less. Recent figures for annual average salaries in the field stand at the following:

  • $45,000 Statewide
  • $43,000 Columbus
  • $39,000 Cleveland
  • $42,000 Cincinnati
  • $40,000 Toledo
  • $38,000 Akron
  • $47,000 Dayton


Bail Bondsman Salaries in Ohio

These figures for a bail bondsman account for the average annual entry-level earnings of salaried bondsmen. They do not include percentage fees based on bail amounts which also make up a significant portion of bondsman revenue. Recent data indicates the following bondsman salaries across Ohio:

  • $22,000 Statewide
  • $21,000 Columbus
  • $20,000 Cleveland
  • $21,000 Cincinnati
  • $20,000 Toledo
  • $19,000 Akron
  • $24,000 Dayton


Additional Revenue Tips

Bounty hunters and bail bondsmen have a variety of options for working in Ohio. Both can basically act as independent agents and find employment with larger agencies or may choose to be self-employed and start their own practice. When working for oneself or an employer, basic business principles apply for increasing client loads, such as:

  • Business advertising and location
  • Ethics and reputation
  • Competency and professionalism, including education and experience
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