Bounty Hunter and Bail Bondsman Salaries in South Carolina

Even before becoming licensed in their professions, South Carolina bounty hunters and bail bondsmen will want to know what to expect in terms of an average yearly salary. There are two aspects to answering this question: the salary amount and the amount of any fees or percentage commissions. These later revenues make up a significant portion of yearly profits, and are not included in the following salary figures for bounty hunters and bail bondsmen.

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Bounty Hunter Salaries in South Carolina

Bounty hunters in South Carolina, also known as runner bondsmen, pursue fugitives across the state from Columbia to Greenville. According to recent aggregations and averaging of job advertisements and salary information data, the bounty hunter entry-level yearly salary in South Carolina comes out to the following:

  • State wide: $44,000
  • Columbia: $44,000
  • Charleston: $43,000
  • North Charleston: $42,000
  • Greenville: $40,000


Bail Bondsman Salaries in South Carolina

If a bail bondsman candidate has no convictions for crimes of moral turpitude in the past 10 years and has additionally never been convicted of a felony, he or she will be interested in the following annual salary figures for bail bondsmen across the state:

  • $22,000 statewide
  • $22,000 in Columbia
  • $21,000 in Charleston
  • $21,000 in North Charleston
  • $20,000 in Greenville

An experienced bail bondsman will often work solely on bond fees paid by customers. These and other fees are not included in the above salary numbers, which represent the entry-level wage paid to new bondsmen by an employing agency.

Other Means to Increase Revenue

It should not be overlooked that perhaps the biggest salary determinant for bounty hunters and bail bondsmen in South Carolina is personal skill. This comes with natural abilities and acquired education, and when combined with enthusiasm will make for a highly competitive career path.

Additional revenue-raising tips to consider are:

  • Track record of business associates
  • Presentation of business to the public/potential customers
  • Part-time, full-time, or over-time work
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