Bounty Hunter and Bail Bondsman Salaries in Tennessee

Before candidates have obtained the necessary experience and education or verify they can meet the minimum requirements to become a bounty hunter or bail bondsman in Tennessee, they are usually curious what to expect for wages in these fields. Of course this naturally varies with experience and skill, and is based on many of the same factors that determine the wages of other business professions such as:

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  • Business location- larger cities have more potential clients
  • Marketing, advertising, and business reputation
  • Personal dedication and commitment to success


Bounty Hunter Salaries in Tennessee

Bounty hunters in Tennessee must by law be employed or contracted by a bail bondsman. Payment for services can be offered through the option of a salary or a commission. Bounty hunters who choose the commission option are usually paid at least 10 percent of a fugitive’s original bail amount. They may charge additional fees for personal risk, travel and lodging expenses, or other factors. The figures shown here do not include commission payments; the following are based on current reported salary figures for annual income:

  • Statewide: $44,000
  • Memphis: $40,000
  • Nashville: $42,000
  • Chattanooga: $38,000
  • Clarksville: $43,000
  • Murfreesboro: $43,000


Bail Bondsman Salaries in Tennessee

Similar to bounty hunters, bail bondsmen can also work on a salary or commission basis, or both. Working on a commission and fee basis means charging contracting defendants a percentage of their total bail amount, usually starting at ten percent and going up depending on individual circumstances. Agents working for a bail bond company are more likely to be salaried employees, which is the cohort these entry-level annual salary figures represent. The following do not include additional commission earnings:

  • Statewide: $22,000
  • Memphis: $20,000
  • Nashville: $21,000
  • Knoxville: $22,000
  • Chattanooga: $19,000
  • Murfreesboro: $21,000
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