Training for Bail Bondsman Jobs in Utah

In order to become a bail bondsman in Utah, you must follow certain steps, which will be explained in detail in this article:

Meet Basic Utah Qualifications
Meet Education and Experience Requirements in Utah
Apply for Utah Licensure
Now that you’re a Bail Recovery Agent in Utah

In Utah, bail bondsmen are called “bail recovery agents.” They must follow certain rules and meet qualifications prior to being licensed. Bail recovery agents must work for a bail enforcement agent/agency and are authorized to assist bail enforcement agents in presenting defendants who have been released on bail in civil or criminal cases for any required court appearances, apprehending or surrendering defendants to court, and keeping a defendant under surveillance.

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Step 1. Meet Basic Qualifications for Bail Recovery Agents in Utah

You must meet certain prerequisites in order to become a bail bondsman/bail recovery agent in Utah. These include:

  • Being a U.S. citizen or legal resident
  • Being 21 years of age or older
  • Demonstration of a good moral character, which includes:
    • Having no felony convictions
    • Having no firearms convictions
    • Having no c convictions for acts of moral turpitude
    • Having no personal violence/force convictions
    • Having no impersonation of a police officer  convictions
    • Having no fraud/dishonesty convictions
    • You are not currently on probation, parole or community supervision
    • Having no outstanding arrest warrants against you
  • Not be employed as a peace officer
  • Completion of 16 hours of required training and education (see below)
  • Completion of 1000 hours of bail enforcement/recovery experience prior to applying for bail recovery agent licensure
  • Submit the required application and fees (see below)



Step 2. Complete Education and Experience Requirements for Utah Bail
Recovery Agents

Utah bail recovery agents must complete state-mandated training. This includes education and experience.


You must document 1000 hours of bail enforcement/recovery training before applying for a bail recovery agent license. This experience may be gained as an employee of a bail enforcement agency or as an independent contractor for a bail enforcement agency. This experience must not involve directly providing services for the public. You must provide a signed letter from the bail bond company who employed or contracted with you during this experience. You must also have your employer complete the Verification of Bail Bond Recovery Work form and submit it with your license application.

If you have no experience, you may apply for a Bail Recovery Apprentice license. The experience you earn as an apprentice must be earned by working under the direct supervision of a bail recovery agent or bail enforcement agent. When you apply for apprentice licensure, you must have a signed letter from your employing bail recovery/bail enforcement agent. You may not provide bail recovery services directly to the public.


Holding a college certificate or degree in one of the following areas can help you when you are applying for bail recovery agent licensure:

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  • Associate of Science in Criminal Justice
  • Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice
  • Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice
  • Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

Additionally, all bail recovery agent prospects in Utah must complete a mandated 16-hour bail enforcement training course required by the Utah Department of Public Safety and offered at five approved locations statewide, listed here. The courses must include instruction in the following areas:

  • Search and seizure and arrest procedure
  • Pursuit, arrest, detainment, and transportation of a bail bond suspect
  • Specific duties/responsibilities regarding entering an occupied building to carry out bail bondsman functions
  • Laws and rules of the bail bond business
  • Rights of the accused
  • Ethics

If you wish to carry a firearm as a bail recovery agent, you must complete a state-approved mandatory 16-hour firearms course (listed here). This course must include:

  • Loading, unloading, storing and carrying a concealed firearm
  • Current laws that define lawful use of a firearm by a private citizen, in terms of self-defense, use of deadly force, concealment and transportation



Step 3. Submit an Application to Become a Bail Recovery Agent in Utah

You are now ready to submit an application for licensure as a bail recovery agent in Utah. Use the Application for Bail Enforcement Agent License, being certain to the appropriate license for which you are applying. Include:

  • Documentation of 1000 hours of bail enforcement/recovery experience
  • $150 fee, payable via check or money order to the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification or by Visa or MasterCard (includes a fee of $30.25 charged by the FBI to process your fingerprints)
  • Copy of your driver’s license or state-issued id card
  • Recent passport-sized color photograph
  • Copy of your bail enforcement training course certificate of completion
  • Completed fingerprint card (which may be obtained from the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification)
  • Copy of your certification of completion of your firearms course, if applicable

Mail the above documentation to the Bureau of Criminal Identification, 3888 West 5400 South, Taylorsville, UT 84129 It may take the Bureau as much as 90 days to process your application, because each application must be approved by the Bail Bond Enforcement Licensure Board during their next scheduled meeting. Whether your application is approved or denied, the Bureau will notify you.



Step 4. Now that You’re a Utah Bail Recovery Agent

Well done! You are now a licensed bail recovery agent in Utah!  Your license expires each year, during which time you must complete at least eight hours of Bureau of Criminal Investigation – approved continuing education. As renewal notices are not mailed from the Utah Department of Public Safety, you must remember to apply for renewal at least three months before your license is set to expire:

  • Use the Renewal Application for Bail Enforcement Agent Licensure , being sure to check the appropriate box for renewal of Bail Recovery Agent license
  • Complete an eight hour firearms course and pass a shooting test if you carry a concealed weapon, and submit  certification verifying completion
  • Complete eight hours of approved continuing classroom instruction, and  include certification verifying completion
  • Renewal fee of $100, payable via check or money order to the Bureau of Criminal Investigation or by Visa or MasterCard

The Bail Bond Enforcement Licensure Board must approve all renewal applications at their next scheduled meeting. It could take up to three months to receive approval for renewal of your license to practice as a bail recovery agent in Utah.


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