Bounty Hunter and Bail bondsman Salaries in Alaska

The state of Alaska has a somewhat infamous history for both bail bondsman and bounty hunters. The infamy is a result of the fact that Alaska is one of the last refuges for criminals seeking to escape authorities and arrest. Since Alaska is one of the furthest states from the continental United States, as well as one of the largest and least populated, it makes an attractive location for anyone seeking to hide from bail bondsman and bounty hunters, as well as law enforcement officials.

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Bounty Hunter Salary in Alaska

Like bail bondsman, bounty hunters do not exactly earn a yearly salary, but rather are paid a percentage through the capture of an offender. The following are the average salaries for bounty hunters in some of the largest cities in Alaska:

  • Fairbanks, AK: $63,692 a year on average
  • Anchorage, AK: between $24, 960 and $92,000 a year


Bail Bondsman Salary in Alaska

According to, the average salary for a bail bondsman in Alaska is $19,000 per year, but the salary varies depending on location. compiles the salary ranges through an aggregation of salaries in related fields and careers. Of course, bail bondsman salaries are entirely dependant on how many bonds they bring in, and the percentage they are paid for the bond.

The following is a breakdown of salaries for bail bondsmen in the largest cities in Alaska, which tend to be the places most bail bondsman in the state are located:

  • Anchorage, AK: $18,000 a year
  • Fairbanks, AK: $20,000 a year
  • Juneau, AK: $21,000 a year
  • Sitka, AK; $21,000 a year
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