Training for Bail Bondsman Jobs in New York

To become licensed as a bail bond agent in New York, you must complete a number of specific steps:

Meet New York Qualifications
Pre-Licensing Education and Training in New York
Take the New York Exam
Submit Fingerprints in New York
Apply for your New York License
Get to Work in New York
Maintain New York Licensure

The New York State Department of Financial Services is responsible for bail bond agents. In FY2012, 51 individuals took the test to become licensed as a bail bond agent, with about 69 percent of those receiving a passing score.

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Step 1. Meet New York Department’s Basic Licensing Requirements

In New York State, individuals interested in pursuing a license as a bail bondsman must be at least 18 years old; they must complete pre-licensing education requirements; and they must pass the appropriate licensing examination. Upon passing the licensing exam, all candidates must apply to the Department within two years for a license.



Step 2. Complete the Pre-Licensing Education and Training Requirements in New York

Although there are no pre-licensing education or training requirements for bail bondsman stated in the statutes McKinney’s Consolidated Laws of New York Annotated Insurance Law, many individuals interested in pursuing bail bondsman jobs often seek associate’s or bachelor’s degrees in criminal justice. These programs provide a strong foundation for this profession and are required to obtain many other jobs in criminal justice or law enforcement, a common career path for bail bondsmen.

Further, a degree in criminal justice or a related field through a reputable school prepares individuals to take the examination required for licensure in New York as a bail bondsman.

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Step 3. Take the New York Licensing Exam for Bail Bondsman

All bail bondsmen in New York must pass an examination before applying for licensure. As such, you must take the License Examination Series Bail Bond Agent Examination 17-59. The New York State Department of Financial Services contracts with Prometric, Inc. to provide examination services to individuals seeking a license to practice as bail bondsmen.

You can schedule with Prometric for the exam via phone at 1-800-324-7147. The examination fee is $40, and fees are not refundable or transferrable. Upon paying the examination fee, you will have one year to take the examination. You must create an account before scheduling the exam online.

You may schedule to take the exam at one of the following New York Prometric locations:

  • Albany
  • Brooklyn
  • Buffalo
  • East Syracuse
  • Garden City
  • Melville
  • New York City/Midtown
  • New York City
  • Poughkeepsie
  • Rego Park
  • Rochester
  • Utica
  • Vestal
  • White Plains

The Bail Bond Agent Examination includes 60 questions, and you have one hour to complete the computer-based exam. The exam consists of the following components:

  • Insurance Regulation: 15 percent
  • The Legal Framework: 24 percent
  • Bail Bond Principles and Practices: 61 percent

Upon successfully passing the exam, Prometric will forward your passing score to the Department, thereby allowing you to apply for licensure.



Step 4. Submit a Complete Set of Fingerprints in New York

Bail bondsmen in New York State must submit a complete set of fingerprints before they can receive licensure. The New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services has contracted with MorphoTrust USA to provide electronic fingerprinting services.

You must contact MorphoTrust USA at 1-877-472-6915 or online at to schedule an appointment for your electronic fingerprinting.  The fee for fingerprinting is $102.25 for bail bond agents. When arriving at your scheduled appointment, you must bring the Request for NYS Electronic Fingerprinting Services – Information Form with you, along with your valid photo ID.



Step 5. Apply for New York Licensure as a Bail Bondsman

Most forms for licensure are available on the New York State Department of Financial Services. However, at this time, the License as Bail Bond Agent form is not available. You must contact the Department at 518-474-3360 or [email protected] and request an application for licensure. The license application cost is $40.

Remember: You must apply for your license within 2 years of passing the examination.



Step 6. Get to Work in New York

You may choose to join the New York State Professional Bail Bondsmen and Agents professional association for networking and professional advancement purposes. This association also provides education and training opportunities for members.

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Two of the largest bail bond companies in the state include:

  • Rochelle Bail Agency: Yonkers, New York
  • Empire Bail Bonds: Offices in Queens, Brooklyn, Nassau, Suffolk, Staten Island, and Westchester



Step 7. Maintain your New York License

You must renew your license by December 31 of every even-numbered year. The cost of renewal is $40. You may renew your license up to 180 prior to your license’s expiration date. You can renew your license through the Department’s Online Individual/TBA/Entity Renewal License Application.

There are no continuing education requirements for bail bondsmen in New York.


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