Bounty Hunter and Bail Bondsman Salaries in New York

The expected salary of an Empire State bounty hunter or bail bondsman is an important question for candidates to consider when planning their future career paths. Because these professions can be both salary-based and commission fee-based, calculating average earnings is not as straightforward as one might think. Averages are also not as telling for bounty hunters and bail bondsmen because those working in these fields are often times self-employed with a wide variation in hours of operations, from part-time to full-time and overtime.

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Besides traditional salaries paid by employers, bounty hunters and bail bondsmen operating in New York are encouraged engage in good business practices to ensure their income is at its maximum potential:

  • Work professionally, competently, and ethically
  • Have a good foundation in one’s field including education, experience, and training
  • Stay motivated and persistent, as these are some of the main factors that determine success

Because New York has a dramatic difference between its urban and rural populations, salaries have a wide range when compared between cities as well as rural areas in the state.

Bounty Hunter Salary in New York

The following figures represent the average bounty hunter salary for a year in New York and do not include additional fees and revenue gained through percentage commission:

  • Statewide $57,000
  • New York City $61,000
  • Buffalo $38,000
  • Rochester $33,000
  • Yonkers $61,000
  • Syracuse $43,000


Bail Bondsman Salary in New York

These numbers are for the average annual entry-level salary for bail bondsman in the state. Earnings from fees and percentage payments are also not included in the following:

  • Statewide $28,000
  • New York City $30,000
  • Buffalo $19,000
  • Rochester $16,000
  • Yonkers $30,000
  • Syracuse $21,000
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