Training for Bounty Hunter Jobs in North Dakota

To become a bounty hunter in North Dakota, you must complete a specific set of steps:

Meet North Dakota Minimum Requirements
Complete Education in North Dakota
Take the North Dakota Exam
Obtain Fingerprints in North Dakota
Apply for a North Dakota License
Maintain North Dakota Licensure

The North Dakota Insurance Department, Agent Licensing Division, is responsible for licensing more than 50,000 agents in the state, including bail bondsmen, who serve a dual role as bounty hunters.  There are no licensing laws regarding bounty hunters separate from bail bondsmen in North Dakota. Bail bondsmen in North Dakota have arresting authority, effectively acting as bail recovery agents.

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Step 1. Meet Minimum Requirements to Achieve a Bounty Hunter License in North Dakota

If you wish to pursue a bounty hunter license in North Dakota, you must first ensure you meet the minimum requirements for this profession. You must be at least 18 years old, you must be a resident of North Dakota, and you must not hold a position as a jailer, police officer, magistrate court judge, sheriff, sheriff’s deputy or any other individual having arresting authority.



Step 2. Meet Education and Training Requirements in North Dakota

Many individuals pursuing a license as a bail bondsman who will also serve as a bounty hunter often prepare to take the bail bondsman exam by completing a formal education through an associate’s or bachelor’s degree program. These formal education programs provide a solid framework in the criminal justice and law enforcement profession, thereby preparing them to advance their careers or seek similar careers in this field.

The North Dakota Insurance Department maintains a list of pre-license educators for individuals who want to pursue formal education, either through either classroom or self-study.

View programs in North Dakota for bounty hunter educational training



Step 3. Schedule to Take the North Dakota Bail Bondsman Exam

The North Dakota Insurance Department contracts its exam services through PSI Exams. As such, you must schedule to take the bail bondsman exam through the PSI website. You may also schedule your exam by calling PSI at 1-800-733-9267.

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When scheduling the exam, you must choose a date, time and location. Within North Dakota, you can take the exam at one of the following PSI testing centers:

  • Fargo/Moorhead
  • Bismarck
  • Minot

The fee to take the exam is $87, and you must have an appointment to take the exam. You can learn more about the exam and the exam process by studying the North Dakota Insurance License Examination Candidate Information Bulletin.

You will have 87 minutes to complete the computer-based bail bondsman examination, and you will know whether you or not you have passed examination immediately upon completing it.



Step 4. Obtain a Complete Set of Fingerprints in North Dakota

To become a licensed bounty hunter in North Dakota, you must provide the North Dakota Insurance Department with a complete set of fingerprints so a background check can be performed. Following the successful completion of the bail bondsman examination, the PSI testing center obtains your electronic fingerprints using an optical scanner.

To complete your electronic fingerprints, you must provide PSI with two separate payments:

  • $44.50 for the BCI processing fee (made payable to the North Dakota Attorney General)
  • $28.00 for the PSI processing fee (made payable to PSI)

Upon completion of your fingerprints, PSI will mail your consent form, fingerprint card and payment to the North Dakota Insurance Department.



Step 5. Apply for a North Dakota Bounty Hunter License

You must apply for your bail bondsman license in North Dakota through the NPIR Electronic Resident Licensing or Renewal portal. You must pay the application fee of $100 when applying for licensure.



Step 6. Get to Work and Maintain your North Dakota Bail Bondsman License

You can find a list of bail bond companies in North Dakota by searching the North Dakota Insurance Department Company Search Look-Up.

Part of serving as a licensed bail bondsman in North Dakota includes renewing your license, which occurs biennially on your birth month.

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All bail bondsman license renewals are handled through NIPR, and the cost of renewal is $30 ($25 renewal fee and $5 electronic transaction fee). There are no continuing education requirements for bounty hunters in North Dakota.



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