Bounty Hunter and Bail Bondsman Salaries in North Dakota

Before beginning the process of becoming a bounty hunter or bail bondsman in North Dakota, many interested candidates would like information about the salaries in these fields. As switching between being a bounty hunter and bail bondsman is very easy when it comes to the licensing laws in the Peace Garden State, many of those working as a bounty hunter or bondsman will supplement their incomes by performing both services.

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However there are plenty of people who prefer to specialize as either a bounty hunter or bail bondsman. The following salary figures are divided on this basis and represent the conglomeration of real-time data gleaned from job announcements, advertisements, and salary postings.

Bounty Hunter Salary in North Dakota

Bounty hunters working outside the larger cities in North Dakota can expect to do just as well as those working in the state’s biggest cities, if not better. The following represent the most recent average yearly bounty hunter salaries in North Dakota:

  • Statewide: $42,000
  • Fargo: $36,000
  • Bismarck: $38,000
  • Grand Forks: $35,000
  • Minot: $38,000


Bail Bondsman Salaries in North Dakota

These numbers represent those working strictly as bail bondsman in the state and do not include either of the following:

  • Revenues obtained from working as a bounty hunter on side jobs
  • Revenues obtained from bail percentage fees, usually at least 10 percent of a defendant’s original bail amount

Recent average annual entry-level salary figures for bail bondsmen salaries in North Dakota were calculated as follows:

  • Statewide: $21,000
  • Fargo: $18,000
  • Bismarck: $19,000
  • Grand Forks: $18,000
  • Minot: $19,000

Individuals who have a long-term business plan, good work ethic, and a relevant educational foundation can develop more successful establishments. Standard business principles for customer attraction and retention also apply to these professions.

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