Bounty Hunter and Bail Bondsman Salaries in Oklahoma

Bounty hunters and bail bondsman earn a living supporting themselves and their families by providing services to Oklahoma’s criminal justice system. As with all businesses, salaries in these fields depend on a number of predictable factors:

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  • Location of business
  • Education and experience of the bail bondsman or bounty hunter
  • Marketing and reputation

However because bail bondsmen, and especially bounty hunters, are the face of their business, a large part of profits are derived from personal finesse and motivation.

Bounty Hunter Salaries in Oklahoma

In addition to the following salary figures, bounty hunters in Oklahoma often make a commission for each bounty they return as part of an agreement with their employing bondsman. Any extra commission revenue and fees gained by bounty hunters – which can add up to a significant amount over the course of a year – are not including in the following average annual salary figures for the field:

  • Oklahoma statewide: $43,000
  • Oklahoma City $39,000
  • Tulsa: $39,000
  • Norman: $39,000

Prospective bounty hunters should also remember that for the first year of employment they will need to focus on building up their reputations and contacts. Often times bounty hunters will work as apprentices with other bounty hunters or bail bondsman to learn the trade, which also artificially pulls down the average salary numbers above.

Bail Bondsman Salaries in Oklahoma

The following figures do not include percentage fees based on client bail amounts which account for a significant portion of earnings. Usually a bondsman will charge at least 10 percent of total bail and this number may increase depending on risk factors. Bail bondsman salaries in Oklahoma are presented here as the average annual entry-level amount: 

  • Oklahoma statewide: $21,000
  • Oklahoma City: $19,000
  • Tulsa: $20,000
  • Norman: $20,000
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