Training for Bounty Hunter Jobs in Pennsylvania

In order to become a bounty hunter in Pennsylvania, you must complete a number of steps:

Get an Education in Pennsylvania
Qualify for Weapons Certification in Pennsylvania
Apply for Pennsylvania Certification
Complete Weapons Training Program in Pennsylvania
Maintain Certification in Pennsylvania

There are currently no laws or legislation regarding the licensing of bounty hunters in Pennsylvania. However, individuals who want to learn how to become a bounty hunter in Pennsylvania often benefit from formal education and training. Further, bounty hunters carrying firearms or other lethal weapons must be certified in Pennsylvania (Act 235).

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Step 1. Complete an Education Program to Become a Bounty Hunter in Pennsylvania

Many bounty hunters in Pennsylvania pursue a criminal justice or sociology associate’s or bachelor’s degree (or a similar program) as a way to achieve a solid framework of knowledge in this field.

Further, because many bounty hunter jobs serve as a stepping stone for other careers in law enforcement or criminal justice, many individuals complete a formal educational program as a way to meet requirements for future positions.

View programs in Pennsylvania for bounty hunter educational training



Step 2. Qualify for Lethal Weapons Certification in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania law states that you must become a certified agent through Pennsylvania State Police’s Legal Weapons Training Program if you carry any type of firearm or lethal weapon, which may include a billy club or taser. You may be certified for firearms, lethal weapons, or both.

To qualify for certification, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be able to pass a complete physical and psychological evaluation
  • Be able to pass a background check



Step 3. Complete Certification Requirements in Pennsylvania

You must complete the following forms:

The physician and psychologist must forward the appropriate forms to the Lethal Weapons department within 15 days of completing your physical and psychological evaluations.

Forward the application for certification and certification fee to:

Lethal Weapons Certification Unit
8002 Bretz Drive
Harrisburg, PA 17112-9748



Step 4. Complete a Certified Lethal Weapons Training Program in Pennsylvania

After you have completed the application process, you must complete a certified lethal weapons training program. A list of approved programs is available on the Pennsylvania State Police’s website.

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At the conclusion of your training program, you will need to pay an additional certification fee of $30 (made payable to Commonwealth of PA).



Step 5. Get to Work in Pennsylvania and Maintain your Lethal Weapons Certification

You may visit the Pennsylvania Insurance Department’s website to find more information on the bail bonds business in Pennsylvania, which includes a list of approved bail bond agencies.

Lethal weapons certification in Pennsylvania for bounty hunters expires every 5 years. You can expect to receive a renewal application in the mail at least 8 months before your certification expires.

To renew your certification, you must complete an Application for Renewal of Agent Certification, enclose a renewal fee of $30 (payable to Commonwealth of PA), and mail both the form and the fee to:

Lethal Weapons Certification Unit
8002 Bretz Drive
Harrisburg, PA 17112-9748



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