Bounty Hunter and Bail Bondsman Salaries in Pennsylvania

Those interested in bounty hunter and bail bondsman positions alike will be curious to review the salary information for these fields. Although at first these figures may seem skewed, candidates should keep in mind they are for the average yearly salary, and do not include percentage payments or revenue gained from fee collection. These later two resources can account for a bounty hunter or bail bondsman’s entire yearly earnings, and therefore bring salary figures down when creating averages.

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As lucrative and exciting as a bounty hunter or bail bondsman career may seem, like many businesses a large part of success comes from the following individual traits:

  • Level of education, experience, and training
  • Amount of perseverance and motivation, including number of hours worked
  • Business sense when it comes to advertising, networking, and creating partnerships

Other factors that determine the level of salary include:

  • Rural or urban location of business
  • Level of expertise and professionalism of coworkers or managers
  • Reputation
  • Economic and criminal justice system factors statewide


Bounty Hunter Salaries in Pennsylvania

Using the most recent data available including real-time job announcements, career descriptions, earnings projections, and other available statistics, the following represent the average annual salary for a bounty hunter working in locations across Pennsylvania:

  • $44,000 Statewide
  • $46,000 Philadelphia
  • $38,000 Pittsburgh
  • $39,000 Allentown
  • $47,000 Erie


Bail Bondsman Salaries in Pennsylvania

Because self-employed and salaried bail bondsman figures are lumped together it is difficult to get an accurate number for an average yearly salary. However current job descriptions and career information available for entry-level bail bondsman positions indicate the following salaries across the state, which do not include percentage payments:

  • $22,000 Statewide
  • $23,000 Philadelphia
  • $19,000 Pittsburgh
  • $20,000 Allentown
  • $23,000 Erie
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