Bounty Hunter and Bail Bondsman Salaries in Rhode Island

Often the first question that arises for candidates considering any job is in regards to the salary.  Calculating that figure for a bail bondsman or bounty hunter is not as simple as one might think because on top of any salary, individuals in these positions also will often make a commission based on a defendant’s original bail bond amount.

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Because revenue gained through fees and commission is reported separately than a yearly wage, average annual salaries can seem to be lower than they actually are. This slant occurs in the case of bail bondsmen, and especially for bounty hunters, who often times will work completely on a commission basis. The following salary figures are therefore only representative of salaries paid to employees and do not include commission fees.

Bounty Hunter Salaries in Rhode Island

Practicing bounty hunters who are required to be licensed as private detectives in Rhode Island are estimated to earn the following annual salary based on real-time data such as job advertisements and announcements:

  • Statewide: $45,000
  • Providence: $47,000
  • Warwick: $49,000
  • Cranston: $47,000
  • Pawtucket: $46,000


Bail Bondsman Salaries in Rhode Island

Skilled self-employed bail bondsmen will often work on a commission basis alone and receive no annual salary. On the other hand, beginning bail bondsman often work for an agency that only pays an annual salary. Based on computations using both these sets of data as well as others, the following figures have been determined to be the current yearly salary for bail bondsmen in Rhode Island, which does not include extra fees or percentage payments:

  • Statewide: $22,000
  • Providence: $23,000
  • Warwick: $24,000
  • Cranston: $24,000
  • Pawtucket: $23,000

No matter what skill level a bail bondsman may have, personal preference is usually the deciding factor when it comes to being self-employed or working for an agency.

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