Bounty Hunter and Bail Bondsman Salaries in South Dakota

Those pursuing a career as a bounty hunter or bail bondsman in South Dakota will be interested to know what salary figures are available for these professions. Unlike many occupations, these particular forms of employment are based both on salary and percentage fees. In addition to a regular salary, it is typical for a bounty hunter or bail bondsman to also collect at least 10 percent of a defendant’s original bail amount- a percentage that can increase depending on risk factors.

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The following figures represent the average annual salary for bounty hunters and bail bondsmen in South Dakota, and do not include significant earnings made from percentage and commission fees.

Bounty Hunter Salary in South Dakota

Remember that in South Dakota bounty hunters, known locally as runners, must be registered as working for a licensed bail bondsman. Choosing the right bail bondsman is an important step on the way to earning a decent wage, and can take some time. The following annual salary figures are for current, real-time figures gathered from local job announcements and advertisements, and do not include percentage payments:

  • Statewide $35,000
  • Sioux Falls $37,000
  • Rapid City $36,000
  • Aberdeen $31,000
  • Watertown $29,000


Bail Bondsman Salary in South Dakota

Bail bondsmen can either go into business for themselves or work for a larger bail bondsman company. Either way they must make sure to act professionally and responsibly as the success of their livelihood as well as that of bounty hunters depends on the business they generate. The largest entry-level yearly salaries not including percentage fees, as well as the largest concentrations of bail bondsman, are as follows:

  • Statewide $17,000
  • Sioux Falls $18,000
  • Rapid City $18,000
  • Aberdeen $15,000
  • Watertown $14,000
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