Michigan Bounty Hunters Caught on Tape in Tense Confrontation

A woman in Michigan is claiming that a bounty hunter attacked her as he was taking her husband into custody, an assertion that has led to a police investigation.

At the time the bounty hunter was apprehending 29-year-old Richard Allen-Bass, according to his wife Camille, when he allegedly used excessive force in an incident, which was captured on video.

Allen-Bass was wanted for a 2009 drunk driving arrest that resulted in court dates and fines that he allegedly failed to pay.

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As Allen-Bass and his wife returned home from church recently, to their neighborhood in Canton Township, Michigan, they allege that two men walked in to their mobile home as they were changing out of their church attire. They allege that the men forced Allen-Bass to put down his two year old daughter and then forcefully handcuffed him. According to the complaint the men then choked and who punched Allen-Bass while taking him into custody.

According to Camille her husband was not resisting at the time of the arrest, and the amount of force used while apprehending him was excessive.

In the video two women can be seen confronting one of the male bounty hunters, with one woman snatching paperwork from him and running into the house as he pursued. The other woman attempted to prevent him from entering the house, ripping his shirt off in the process. The bounty hunter then turns to her, wielding a Taser, and orders her to back off. Various people can be heard off screen screaming.

A representative for the bail bonds company that employs the bounty hunters say that the women were interfering with a valid arrest.

Though Michigan State law does allow fugitive recovery specialists to apprehend wanted individuals, the men in this case may nevertheless face criminal charges.

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