Training for Bounty Hunter Jobs in Wyoming

The steps to becoming a bounty hunter in Wyoming are as follows:

Obtain Education and Training in Wyoming
Contact Employers in Wyoming
Start Work as a Bounty Hunter in Wyoming

Bounty hunters track down fugitives who have skipped out on their bail and return them to the authorities for a fee from the bondsman.  Generally, they work for a bail bondsman who has assumed the financial responsibility for the person’s bail.  In Wyoming, there are no specific requirements to become a bounty hunter, and no license is required.  You will need to follow the federal laws in this area.

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Step 1.  Obtain Education and Training in Wyoming

While you are not required to have any formal training to become a bounty hunter in Wyoming, most bail bondsmen that would employ you would prefer that you have experience and training.  Often, new bounty hunters apprentice with a bail bondsman to learn their craft.

Another option is to obtain formal training in criminal justice.  This will help you to master the legalities of taking fugitives into custody.  It is not uncommon for bounty hunters to progress to become law enforcement agents, and having an associate’s or bachelor’s degree would help qualify you for such a position.

View programs in Wyoming for bounty hunter educational training



Step 2.  Contact Employers in Wyoming

Now that you have had the training to become a bounty hunter, you are ready to contact potential employers.  There are several prominent bail bonding companies in Wyoming that you could start by contacting.  They are:

  • Casper Bail Bonds Wyoming
  • Wyoming Bail Bonds



Step 3.  Start Work as a Bounty Hunter in Wyoming

Once you have been hired to work as a bounty hunter, you are ready to start tracking fugitives.  In addition to your experience and any educational courses you may have taken, you should be in good physical condition for when you need to pursue fugitives.

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