Training for Bail Bondsman Jobs in Wyoming

The steps to becoming a bail bondsman in Wyoming are as follows:

Complete Education and Training in Wyoming
Contact Employers in Wyoming
Start Work as a Bail Bondsman in Wyoming

Bail bondsmen provide the funding for defendants to make bail that is too high for them to on their own.  They pledge either money or property to secure the bail.  The bail bondsman is then legally required to pay the costs if the defendant skips out leaving them financially responsible.

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In such cases, the bail bondsmen make a strong effort to track the person down and return them to the authorities, so they can recover their money.  Bail bondsmen often employ bounty hunters to track down the fugitives for them.

In Wyoming, there is no license required to become a bail bondsman.  If you are setting up a surety company and guaranteeing bonds, you will need to follow the state’s regulations for setting up your business.



Step 1.  Complete Education and Training in Wyoming

Since Wyoming does not have regulations specific to becoming a bail bondsman, you should be highly knowledgeable about the federal requirements that apply to providing bail bonds, taking fugitives into custody, and returning them to the authorities.  You will be operating a financial business and may benefit from training in business management.

You may also consider getting a degree in criminal justice.  This will help you to understand the legal complexities of working with the criminal justice system and should help you to start your business.  An associate’s or bachelor’s degree will provide a wealth of knowledge.

View programs in Wyoming for bounty hunter educational training



Step 2.  Contact Employers in Wyoming

When you are first starting out in the business of providing bonds for defendants, you may want to start out working with an established firm.  There are several bail bonding companies in Wyoming that hire bail bondsmen, including:

  • Wyoming Bail Bonds
  • Casper Bail Bonds

Being thoroughly trained will enhance your chances of finding employment.



Step 3.  Start Work as a Bail Bondsman in Wyoming

If you are setting up a surety company to guarantee bonds, you will need to comply with Chapter 3 of Title 38 of the Wyoming statutes.  You will have to be a resident, householder, or freeholder of the state to be able to execute bonds.

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If you do not comply with the laws of Wyoming, you would be guilty of a misdemeanor and subject to fines of $100 to $1000.


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