Bounty Hunter and Bail Bondsman Salaries in Wyoming

Because bounty hunters and bail bondsman are often self-employed and range from working full- to part-time, it is difficult to calculate an average annual salary. However using real-time data analysis to create average wage statistics based on current job advertisements and other available data, it is possible to calculate a salary estimate.

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The nature of bounty hunting and bail bondsman work often times involves payments based on bail amount percentages and additional industry-associated fees. The following salary figures are just that- salary figures, not including additional percentage revenue.

Bounty Hunter Salaries in Wyoming

Bounty hunting is very much an old-fashioned trade when it comes to personal references and reputation; many bail bondsman will not do business with someone they do not know or whose reputation they are not familiar with. Because of this it is important for new bounty hunters in Wyoming to give the profession a try for a few years before averaging their annual salary, which is currently calculated at the following levels:

  • Statewide: $41,000
  • Cheyenne: $37,000
  • Casper: $44,000
  • Laramie: $37,000
  • Gillette: $41,000
  • Rock Springs: $43,000


Bail Bondsman Salaries in Wyoming

The range of bail bondsman salaries in Wyoming can increase dramatically depending on a number of factors. Many choose to start their own business and set their own hours. Others prefer to work for a larger bail bondsman company which can ensure a more stable salary. Either way the more hours put into a career the more money earned. The following salary figures are for an average annual bail bondsman salary, not including percentage commissions:

  • Statewide Yearly Average: $25,000
  • Cheyenne: $23,000
  • Casper: $27,000
  • Laramie: $23,000
  • Gillette: $25,000
  • Rock Springs: $26,000
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