The Basics of Body Armor

Body armor is an important investment that every bounty hunter should consider making. But body armor must be fitted and worn properly to provide you with adequate protection. Here’s how to choose the best body armor for your needs:

  • Body armor must fit properly.

This is non-negotiable. For body armor to properly protect, you it must fit you well. You may be tempted to choose larger body armor for comfort, but loose-fitting body armor may not provide the protect you need. Therefore, it is important to get custom-fitted for a vest that it fitted according to your body shape and dimensions.

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  • Body armor must be worn properly.

Your body armor, even when properly fitted, must be worn properly as to ensure the best protection. Specifically, the straps on the vest should be snug enough as to prevent any excessive movement of the panels. However, it is just as important to not secure the straps too tightly so that they curl, as it can cause wear on the vest’s ballistic panels. When secured, you should still be able to move freely and you should be able to fully expand your lungs. Any tighter and your movements could be restricted when needed most.

  • Body armor must be stored properly.

When you take your vest off, you must lay it flat and leave it out for adequate air flow. Hanging vests can cause the panels to curl and may even void the warranty. It may even overstretch the strap’s elastics, making it fit poorly. It is also important to avoid storing your vest in a hot or humid area.

  • Body armor must be routinely inspected.

You must routinely inspect your body armor and check for any unusual or excessive wear. In particular, it is important to look for any signs of separating stitching and excessive wear on the strap’s elastic and the Velcro pad attachments. Any signs of wear should be brought to the attention of the vest manufacturer.

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