What Every Bounty Hunter Should Have

To achieve success as a bounty hunter, you should possess a number of things, all of which will help you perform your job and help you protect yourself and stay safe while in the field:

Self-Defense Training

Although not a formal requirement for bounty hunters, formal self-defense training is crucial for staying safe and protecting yourself should you become engaged in physical altercations. Proper self-defense training will help you get out of a choke hold, protect yourself against punches and kicks, and protect yourself against an attacker yielding a weapon.

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Physical Fitness and Stamina

As a bounty hunter, you may need to run, scale a fence, overpower a criminal, or endure fatigue from an overnight stakeout. That means engaging in regular, weight-bearing exercises and cardiovascular workouts. There are a number of formal bounty hunting training programs that focus on both cardio and physical fitness, although for most bounty hunters, regular exercise usually comes in the form of running, walking, weight lifting, boxing, karate, cycling, and similar exercises.

Proper Equipment

There is an arsenal of supplies that every prepared bounty hunter should possess. This includes a bullet-proof vest, a pair of handcuffs, and any number of defense weapons, such as a Taser, pepper spray, baton, or even a firearm, depending on what you can legally carry in your state. It is important to research your options, talk to other area bounty hunters, and check with your local law enforcement agency to determine the legality of carrying certain weapons.

Keen Observational Skills

You can possess a bounty hunter license, the proper equipment, and even the best physical fitness, but if you don’t have keen observational skills, your ability to excel as a bounty hunter will likely be compromised. Bounty hunters must be acutely aware of their surroundings, they must have excellent judgment, and they must be able to accurately predict what will happen next.

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