Bounty Hunters Capture Wanted Felon but Jail Officials Refuse to Take Custody

It isn’t often that a fugitive that is recovered by a bail bondsman and taken to the local jail is refused by that jail – but that is exactly what happened recently in Chalmette, Louisiana. Fugitive recovery agent Wayne Lozier captured a man who had several outstanding warrants in St. Bernard Parish in Southeast Louisiana but when he took the suspect to the county jail, officials there refused to accept him into their custody. Lozier says that he and his partner sat in the jail waiting area for approximately two hours “trying to figure out why they weren’t taking him.”

Lozier is a hired agent with Bayou Boys Fugitive Recovery in Louisiana and earns his living finding individuals who have skipped bail, making sure they appear before the court on their appointed date. Recently, he and his partner took a trip to neighboring Alabama where after an extensive search they ended up locating Edward Dotson who had active warrants out for his arrest on charges of felony domestic battery. When he and his partner brought Dotson back to Louisiana, jail officials refused to accept the captured fugitive but did not provide Lozier or his partner with any reason as to why they didn’t want to take him.

After two hours of waiting, Lozier says that he made a call to the New Orleans Police Department who agreed to arrest the fugitive and take him into custody. As it turns out, Lozier eventually learned that the jail had refused him because the suspect had apparently suffered a seizure while being transported by the recovery agents and they didn’t have the proper paperwork citing that. Also, they said that he appeared to be under the influence when he was brought in. A doctor’s examination of Dotson revealed that he had not in fact suffered any seizures and was “faking his illness.”