A Bounty Hunter’s Job is Never Finished, Even on Personal Time

The sound of gunshots filled the air and a small pool of blood saturated the front lawn. The screams of a man in trouble could be heard from a neighboring house when Randall Wheeler was outside washing his car. While most people’s natural reaction to this type of situation is to run as far away as possible, Wheeler isn’t your typical run-of-the-mill kind of guy.

Wheeler, a bounty hunter who lives in Mobile, Alabama, sprung into action. When a man from the neighboring house came running towards him, Wheeler instructed him to lie face-down on the grass. When the man refused, Wheeler had no idea what to expect. As the man got closer, Wheeler noticed that the man was bleeding significantly from his mouth. He then quickly called 911.

Police and emergency services arrived quickly on the scene. No one knew what to expect as Wheeler and police officers searched the premises. Before they were able to enter the home, shots were fired.

For over 2 hours, Brandon Davis held a woman captive in her home. As the stalemate dragged on, Davis eventually agreed to release the hostage and police were able to deploy tear gas. When officers entered the home, officers found Davis dead. It’s still unclear as to what caused his death. The hostage and Davis were rumored to have been in a relationship together, but no specific details have been shared publicly as of yet.

The job of a Bounty Hunter can be a dangerous one. When hunting criminals on the run, danger and unpredictability are always to be expected. In Wheeler’s case, however, he never expected to be called into action while at home on his own personal time. His quick thinking helped a potentially dangerous hostage situation and likely saved a life.