Veterans Find Renewed Purpose and Stability in Bail Enforcement Careers

A commitment to the military is a noble and challenging career path. Unfortunately, constant deployments overseas leave many veterans feeling uncomfortable and out of place when it comes time to transition into the civilian workforce. With honorable discharges in hand, many find refuge in the same entrepreneurial spirit that built the very nation that they fought so hard to defend while enlisted.

Tired of the constant loss of employment opportunities, brothers Matt and Zach Reiter decided to open their own bail agency. Matt claims that this was in response to the fact that many veterans are losing their jobs due to downsizing and a bad economy.

The Veterans Program from Accredited Surety gave them the funds needed to get things off the ground. Human Resources Generalist Cathy McCoil stated that the program has been designed to give veterans a second chance after they return home from deployment and make a conscientious decision to either not re-enlist or are unable to do so for one reason or another. She added that the brother’s transition made perfect sense since the skillsets are virtually the same: being a bounty hunter and being a soldier both require bravery, tenacity and an eye for detail.

The Veterans Program from Accredited Surety has set the brothers on the right path, offering the honorably discharged veterans access to the company’s trademark software, BailHub. Accredited’s management trains all veteran newcomers to survive in a competitive business environment and offers tutoring regarding both logistics and finance. The only conditions were that the Reiter’s be properly licensed bond agents and that Accredited must remain their exclusive surety provider for a minimum of three years. Accredited promises that the transition once the first three years pass will be smooth, even offering to cover the costs associated with re-registrations and potential relocations.

While the program is in its infancy, McCoil has received applications from across the country and some who are still overseas. Presently the company’s focus is on Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida, but each application is evaluated on a case-by-case basis.