Bounty Hunters Arrest Former Scandal Star Columbus Short at His Album Release Party

Despite a troubled past including misdemeanor spousal battery and felony assault charges, things seemed to be going well for former Scandal actor Columbus Short who played Harrison Wright for three seasons. The actor turned musician got a record contract and was preparing to perform at his album release party in Universal Studios CityWalk. Much to his shock, however, bounty hunters performed a citizen’s arrest on Short at the party and turned him over to the Los Angeles County Sheriff for booking.

Despite initial press coverage that the arrest was for a new warrant or to prevent Short from fleeing the country, the New York Daily News reported that the dispute was with his bail bondsman for the felony assault case. Apparently, Short had not fully paid the company, and the bail bondsman lost his patience with the situation.

Video footage of the confrontation posted on showed that Short was fearful and confused when he was apprehended. He claimed he didn’t see a badge and thought that the men were there to fight him. Photographs showed men wearing bulletproof vests reading “Agent” putting a visibly upset Short into a car.

While Short pleaded no contest to misdemeanor spousal battery in 2014 claiming to have been under the influence of alcohol and drugs, the actor and musician maintains his innocence in the assault case. Following a verbal argument outside of Gabe’s Bar and Grill in Los Angeles last year, the alleged victim Felton Hyche III claimed that Short “viciously lunged” at him. Short’s lawyer told the New York Daily News that his client is fighting the allegations.