Texas Bounty Hunters Searching for Violent Con Man

A violent predator named Donald Ray Washington, Jr. is loose in Texas and wanted by the police for stealing the identities of a number of women along with their property and cash. The man faces charges in both Montgomery and Fort Worth counties, and the Texas Bounty Hunters offered a $1,000 reward for information that leads to his apprehension.

Tera Lynette William-Jones told KHOU how Washington initially pretended to help her after the death of her husband. Little did she know that he was stealing the $250,000 she had from her husband’s life insurance policy. Washington got her bank account information and drained it. He also used her information to rent apartments in her name and buy cars.

Williams-Jones is only one of a dozen known victims, although police think that more than 100 women may have been victimized. With crimes dating back to 2007, the authorities think that his victims may include women from Dallas to Houston.

Washington goes by a number of aliases including Donovan Washington, DJ, A1 Consultants, DEE Washington and Dee Dub. A Facebook page created by some of his victims lists these aliases. These women created the page to draw attention to his crimes and prevent other women from getting victimized. The page claims that Washington is very responsive to messages, since he has used Facebook messages to initiate encounters with his prey.

Victims also claim that Washington is a rapist and does not use protection, so he is also a physical threat to women.

Jon Alfaro, a Houston bounty hunter, is trying to track him down, although Alfaro admits that Washington could be anywhere by now. The bounty hunters are casting a wide net and are prepared to seek him throughout the continental United States.